3 On 3 News
  • Registration Now Open for Mountain West 3 on 3 Summer League at Mettle Sports in Nampa!



At Mountain West 3 on 3, our goal is to get more kids playing basketball at a young age with their buddies in a fun environment.  There is nothing like the pure joy & excitement of playing of basketball with friends in a FUN, energy infused environment!

Our team is based in the Boise, Idaho area where many of our events will be held. We’ll also partner with other basketball junkies throughout the Mountain West Region to bring #PlayHoops4Fun style 3 on 3 to their hometowns!

What is #PlayHoops4Fun 3 on 3? It’s fun, fast-paced basketball with your friends where you get to choose your own teams, get lots of playing time with no coaches yelling at you, playing with no pressure to win all the time, and having fun! 

With only 3-6 players per team, each player will get several opportunities to pass, drive, shoot, rebound, screen, cut, defend and make a variety of basketball decisions!

Studies show that fun is a large motivator for kids to learn and stay involved in youth sports. Mountain West 3 on 3 gives the game back to the kids!

Contact us to learn how your kids can get involved!



Boys and girls, 2nd-12th grade (ages 7-18 years old)

Benefits OF 3 ON 3

Guaranteed playing time, play with friends (choose your own teams!), FUN environment with upbeat hype music, learn the game at a faster pace, more touches, easier decision making, increased space to try new moves, involves all players, breaks game down into chunks, no pressing or zone defenses, low time/travel commitment, and no need to find a coach (Court Monitors to help teach and officiate the game).


2-20 minute half court games of continuous play, with back to back or 2 games in 1 hour for easy time commitment, 4-5 week leagues, no weekday practices, no coaches (games managed by Court Monitors). Total of 8 games guaranteed.


Treasure Valley Athletic Club in Meridian, Mettle Sports in Nampa, Boise and WestAda schools.


Our philophy is to inspire & excite youth by providing them with easy access basketball opportunities that will keep them coming back for more. It is our mission to grow the game of basketball in the Mountain West Region by providing the best 3 on 3 basketball experience possible.

Mountain West 3 on 3 basketball leagues are for the players and the players only. We believe our youth should enjoy their activity to keep them participating, improving and growing. The #1 objective of our leagues is FUN!

Mountain West 3 on 3 basketball leagues provide kids an opportunity to develop basketball skills, grow mentally, physically and emotionally, and learn how to compete in a fun, low-stress environment. We encourage healthy competition where kids compete hard and play to win while having fun!


Our vision is to get more kids playing basketball at a younger age in a fun, energetic, positive environment where learning happens organically as a by-product of having FUN! We aim to inspire more youth to play for fun, build life-long relationships, and to grow the game of basketball.

Our Team

Hello, we are the Wilson family! Basketball runs deep in our family. Kyle played college basketball at the College of Southern Idaho and College of Idaho and has coached from the youth club level all the way to the college level. He currently co-directs 3 boys & girls basketball clubs in the Boise Valley, and a basketball events company.

He has coached all 3 of his own kids, 2 of which are currently playing high school and club ball.

Angelina is a life-long educator and advocate for youth. She has been instrumental in helping organize and run camps, training sessions, fundraisers and tournaments.

Behind the scenes we are backed & supported by our “silent partners”, which includes a board of directors consisting of some of the most influential business owners, club directors, executives and basketball minds in the Boise Valley.

As a group we have noticed over the years that our market was lacking in a 3 on 3 league moption for kids. While we continue to be involved in providing various 5 on 5 opportunities for kids, we understand the advantages that 3 on 3 basketball provides as a supplement to 5 on 5, especially for younger age groups. 

Join us in our journey to provide more #PlayHoops4Fun 3 on 3 leagues to the Boise market and throughout the Mountain West region. We are blessed to have the support and buy-in from great basketball facilities such as Treasure Valley Sports Center, Mettle Sports and the local school districts.