3 On 3 News
  • Registration Now Open for Mountain West 3 on 3 Summer League at Mettle Sports in Nampa!

Game Rules

Game Play & Format

πŸ€ Court Monitor will do “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with a player from each team to determine who gets the ball first.

πŸ€ Court Monitor manages, officiates, and keeps score. Games are scored to track wins/losses/point differentials to help us schedule the best games we can the following week.

πŸ€ Ball and hoop sizes:Β  3rd and 4th grades – 27.5. Girls 5th-12th and Boys 5th and 6th – 28.5. Boys 7th-12th 29.5.

πŸ€ Games are 20-minutes running time. No time-outs. Water breaks are allowed due to heat or a lack of subs.

πŸ€Β Unlimited substitutions after made baskets or a dead ball.
* If a team is short players due to illness/injury, they may bring or find an age appropriate sub in the gym (sub must have a completed waiver).
*A team may play with only two players (3 on 2) if a sub cannot be found.

πŸ€Β Possession of jump balls will alternate.

πŸ€Β 3 seconds in the key will result in a turnover. Refs may issue reminders.

πŸ€Β Both feet and the ball must go outside of the 3-pt line on a change of possession.

πŸ€ A ball must be checked behind the 3 point arc on:
*Out of bounds
*Made basket
*Dead ball

πŸ€Β A ball must be taken/dribbled past the arc on:
*Defensive rebound
*Air ball rebound (no “free backs”)

πŸ€Β The half-court line is out of bounds.

πŸ€Β No stalling. There will be a ref’s discretion 30-second shot clock.

πŸ€ Ball must be checked behind the arc and passed first to begin possession. No shooting or dribbling after the ball is checked until a pass is made. The on-ball defender must remain behind the arc until the ball is passed.


πŸ€ Games are by 2s and 3s.
*2 points per basket inside the arc.
*3 points per basket outside the arc.

πŸ€ A fouled player will only shoot one free throw no matter where the shot attempt was made (to keep the
game moving). Shooters have 6 seconds to shoot once the teams are lined up. Fouls made on the ground will
result in a check behind the arc.

πŸ€ Free throw scoring:
*The shot will be worth 1 point if it’s an And-1 scenario.
*The shot will be worth 2 points if it’s inside the arc shooting foul.
*The shot will be worth 3 points if it’s an outside the arc shooting foul.
*Bonus Free Throws: One shot (worth 2 points) will be given to a player fouled on the fifth team foul and all subsequent fouls by the opponent. There I no double-bonus.

πŸ€ Free throws for 3rd – 4th graders will be moved up. Court Monitors will designate the shooting line.

πŸ€ Intentional fouls (no matter when they occur) will result in 2 points PLUS the ball.

πŸ€ Ties will be settled with a free-throw shootout.
*Each team receives 3 opportunities to shoot free throws (3 different shooters).
*The team that makes the most out of 3 will be declared the winner.
*If there is a tie after 3 shots, additional free throws will be shot alternately until one team makes the free
throw and the other team misses (sudden death).

Player Conduct

🚫 No swearing, taunting or inappropriate verbal or physical behavior.

🚫 Unsportsmanlike play may result in:
1) Warning;
2) Sitting out (Court Monitor discretion); or
3) Ejection from the game or league.

🚫 If unnecessary or excessive fouls occur, the ref may impose a technical foul (2 pts plus the ball).

🚫 No hanging on the rim or net.

🚫 League shirts should be worn. Teams may wear matching shirts/uniforms if league shirts are not an option.

βœ… Players will demonstrate good sportsmanship and shake hands with their opponents.

Parent Conduct

🚫 No coaching (our goal is to let the kids play and figure out some things on their own)

βœ… Cheering is encouraged!

βœ… Court Monitors will assist the 3rd/4th graders with subbing. A parent/guardian may sit with the players in the 3rd/4th grade divisions for the first 2 weeks to help with subbing. 5th – High School will be on their own. Court Monitors/refs will remind players to sub if rotations aren’t happening.

🚫 Parents who are offering “subbing support” may be asked to leave that area if coaching is occurring.

βœ… All players need completed liability waivers signed by a parent/guardian to participate. If a team is short
players, teams may bring subs. Subs are required to have a completed liability waiver.

βœ… Take the time to THANK a Court Monitor, staff member, or opposing player who did a great job.

βœ… Help to keep the facility clean. Please take any garbage and water bottles at the end of your games.