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  • Registration Now Open for Mountain West 3 on 3 Summer League at Mettle Sports in Nampa!



Our mission is to create a basketball-based environment that supports our children’s desire for fun, competition, and skill building.

While there are plenty of highly competitive basketball opportunities that place a premium on winning, we believe this should not be the only focus in youth sports.

We aim to “let kids be kids” and let them enjoy the process without constraints. We ask that parents and family members keep the focus on the bigger picture of youth sports… playing for fun and building character.

By keeping a “kids having fun first” focus we believe 3 on 3 will be a positive athletic experience for your children that will keep them coming back year after year.




Our #1 focus is for kids to play basketball. We create new schedules each week to make sure games are competitive so kids are having fun.  


We do allow one team parent to assist with substitutions in grades 2nd-4th for the first few weeks.  By then the kids will understand how to sub using a simple 1-2-3-4-5 subbing pattern. Instead of coaches, we use Court Monitors to officiate and coach the players when they need help. Otherwise we want the kids to learn to make their own in-game decisions, make adjustments and learn to play as a team on their own.

No Yelling

“No coaching” also means that parents are prohibited from yelling instructions or criticisms to their team or player. And yelling at our Court Monitors will not be tolerated. On the other hand, positive cheer and encouragement is highly recommended!

No Playoffs / No Rankings

We aim to keep the games as competitive as possible by creating new schedules each week to hopefully avoid blowouts. Competitive games = FUN! 


Positive Coaching Alliance focuses on the Little Picture and the Big Picture in youth sports.

A Second-Goal Parent (TM) understands that competition and building winners is important. The pure objective lies in what their child learns from their athletic experience.  Fostering character development for future success and supporting their role in learning life lessons through sport will have a far greater impact than taking the role of a back-seat coach. As the parent, you will have the greatest lifelong impact on your child’s growth and development.


1. Cheer for and encourage good plays by ALL PLAYERS, not just yours.

2. Don’t yell instructions or attempt to “coach” the kids during the game. The goal of 3 on 3 is to let the kids try different things and figure it out through trial and error. Allow our Court Monitors to mange the games and offer instruction when needed. 

3. Show the Court Monitors some love by complimenting them on a call or for supporting your child’s learning. Don’t treat them like certified referees often get treated at the HS, college and pro levels.

4. If a Court Monitor makes what you deem a “bad” call against your team, please let it go. Our court Monitors share our philosophy that the kids are here to have fun and get better.  Keep in mind that your child will have to deal with rules and judgements they don’t agree with throughout life.

5. Don’t do anything that will embarass your child, their team or yourself. Take a deep breath and remember “why” you are there… to support your child and their teammates in their quuest to have fun and improve. 

6. Have fun along with your players and enjoy the games!


1. Thank the Court Monitors. They are there to support your child’s desire for fun and learning!

2. Encourage your team to high-five or give knuckles to the opponent. Court Monitors will help with this!

3. Pack up everything you brought with you and take it home or throw it away. Help us be good stewards of the facilities we use!  

4. Regardless of the outcome, tell your athlete that you loved watching them play and that you’re proud of them!